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G3 Telecom strives for highest level of customer satisfaction, and would like to hear your opinion about our efforts to bring the highest quality of long distance service at affordable rates to ethnic markets in Canada.

G3 is a lot better than Owtel, no service fee, no connection fee, unlike in Owtel, there is MMC, which serves as their connection fee, and there is a $2.99 service fee and 10.49% tax in Owtel. It's a lot cheaper using G3.

from Customer Testimonial from Owtel User

G3 is the BEST! I'm so glad I signed up. Now, I can call my family so easy and cheap. NO more busy signals and losing minutes when I'm not connected. I should have known G3 sooner.

from Rose

Your service is excellent, your rate is one of the best, no hidden charges, what more can I ask for. I actually recommended your company to my friends who are frequently calling the Philippines.

from Romiski

Excellent service! Since I started using your phone service, I quit searching for other services already. I just wish the "Unlimited Calling" service will be available in Cagayan Valley, Philippines particularly in Penablanca, my home town. Thank you again for the great service. You are the best!

from Marisol Strong

I switched to G3 4 months ago, after being with reliance for more than 2 years. Same quality with lesser price, and best option, I can have 3 numbers registered for pinless dialing. My home number, my mobile and my wife's mobile. And Customer Service is also good. I had to call up just once to set up speed dial list, and I was able to reach them without any wait time.

from Ajay

Using your great service has truly helped my love life! My fiance in the Philippines thank you for the clarity in phone calls! The competitive rates and free minutes help a lot, too!

from Erwin

Very Very VERY good service. GOOD rates & connection.

from Ramesh

G3 has very competitive rates and good voice quality. Features like speed dial are very handy - though that has resulted in a lot more calls :)). Great Job! Keep it up guys.

from Sunil

There is no doubt your quality of service is excellent. May God bless you all and Prosper YOU ALL!

from Gurbachan Singh

Thanks to Anna who recommended me G3 Telecom is the best! I can dial a lot faster now. Easy to connect, best quality and no hidden charges. Now I can say move on with my life with G3 Telecom! You're the best! Keep it up!

from Michelle

G3 is a heaven sent to us as its rates are the lowest of any long distance companies you find on the internet. Besides, reception on both ends is excellent, customer service is excellent and best of all G3 beats the computer to phone rates. Keep up the great work!

from William A.

It's great savings! I should have signed up long time ago. It's true that it's a crystal clear reception. No drop calls and easy to contact even with cellular phones in the Philippines. Keep up the good rates, and good job!

from Minda

We have been a customer for more than 3 years now...absolutely no complaints with service and excellent quality...keep it up!

from Abhirup

G3 is by far the best for calling internationally. I've tried phone cards time and time again, but now I'm satisfied with the clarity and reliability of G3 Telecom.

from Jose

Great Company. Keep up the good job of low rates and excellent reception, especially calls made to India. I wish I didn't waste all the time dialing and money on calling cards used all this time. Great you can check your account and calls made on line. Bravo!!!

from Judith

It's been 4 years since we started using G3. Really good.

from Elizabeth

I basically used different phonecards on the market and all of them are no good (losing minutes, poor customer service ). Since I switched to G3 Telecom, all my connection problems are history and rates are the best and honest usage of my minutes. To all Pinoys, try G3 Telecom and you will be amazed. The customer representatives are # 1. Try this company now and say goodbye to phonecards.

from Bert

Excellent Rates...No Drop off Calls...Crystal Clear voice...Amazing service, NO other company can ever come close to G3 TELECOM. Keep it up guys...

from Nisha

G3 has the best quality reception, as well as best service and rates. Keep up the good work!!!

from Dennis Symer

I like the service it's convenient I can dial wherever I want and it's cheap! The service is great!

from Marcel B.

The best long distance carrier I ever had...highly recommendable...sign up na mga Pinoy!

from Edwin de Jesus

G3 service, rates and quality of voice is superb compared to the big telecom companies and phone cards I used in the past. Finally, I found a great phone company that I can refer friends and be thanked for my referrals.

from William

Good-bye phonecards. What I like most about it: Better rates, Good reception and online account management & call history look-up.

from Jem

Very Economical !!! Excellent Rates !!! Good Quality !!! I have referred to mutliple friends and relatives. All of them are happy!

from Srinivasa Bhatta

I have tried several calling cards; no other services can come close to G3. I have been a G3 customer for 2 years. Thank you for the excellent service and keeping it simple.

Just as a recommendation, can you have a recurring charge if I go below $10; automatically you add 10, 20 or 30 dollars to my account? Keep up the good work. (Auto-recharge option is available with every G3 Telecom Long Distance service. - G3 Telecom)

Again, thank you for having a good service!

from Philip

I have switched from ComWave to G3 simply because:

  • Online Account Management
  • No Monthly Fee and NO hidden charges
  • Efficient Customer Service
  • Good voice quality and no busy signal at any time!!!!!!
  • Competitive rates

I am happy that I switched to G3!

from Waqar

I tried several calling cards and found most of them cheats, some count double time for the calls made. Worst, you cant even reach the customer service. G3 is excellent, honest and they mean what they say. No connection charge, instant connection and clear voice.

from Ram

Service is excellent, no busy signal at anytime.

from Avnish

Very happy with the service. No problem connecting.

from Rajesh

Service is clear compared to a phone card. G3 Telecom service is good.

from Tenzing

Happy with service, customer service is helpful and gave me credit when I did not connect and can speak in my language. Much better than phone card I was using before.

from Sam

Service is really good, very happy.

from Sandeep

Very happy with service, connection is good. Friendly and helpful customer service. I put the access number in my speed dial and so it is easy to use.

from Anonymous

Lines are very good. Like the service.

from Anila

Service is good. Reasonable rates, good connection, good customer service.

from Ahmed

Like the service. Service is good. Connecting right away to Pakistan whenever needed.

from Muhamad

I am happy with service. I like the Auto recharge feature so I don't run out of money on my account.

from Satish

I was confused why it was taking so long to connect the call, but now I enter # after I finish dialing the phone number and I get connected lot quicker.

from Anonymous

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